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Library Column Notes

July 2014




July and the heat is here and I feel like doing nothing at all.  I wish that were an option but it isn’t so work goes on in the library.  With that said, I am happy to say that at long last we have completed the 4 year backlog of books that needed to get put into our computer and onto the shelves.  The last book got done today!   This is not to say we no longer have work to do; we have plenty to do still.  Now we are going to attempt to see that all our computer files get corrected and are accurate and at the same time we are going to get our movie inventory caught up.  It has been sitting idle for quite some time so the work goes on.

Coming soon to the library--- a bit of remodeling.  We are out of room in our bookcases that house our bibles, commentaries, bible studies and books for pastors and church leaders.  Very soon we plan on removing the bookcases and put up regular shelving that will give us more room.  It should only be a two day project and go quickly but projects never seem to go that way for me so, in advance, please excuse our mess and any inconvenience.

A bargain for sale--- we have been given a beautiful family bible that needs a home.  This is a very expensive bible in the King James version, black leather with gold page edges.  There is a section for recording all your family events.  It is beautifully illustrated and has many other features. It has never been used and needs to be seen to be appreciated.  It would make a beautiful wedding gift or a gift for a new family.  This bible was originally sold to the donor for nearly $100 and we are asking $25.00 for it.  Stop by the library or contact me at the church anytime to see it.

Invitation--- I am very happy to see that books from the featured book list are being checked out from the rack in the foyer.  Please be sure to fill out the checkout cards and then return the books to the library book return box (located under the printer) when you are done with it.   I am also pleased to see Casa Del Rey taking interest in these books. If there are books of particular interest to you drop me a note and I will try to get those books or subjects on the bookrack for you if we have them.

We have a large variety of books on many subjects in our library so please feel free to visit and use the library.  Our computer is always on and there are many of us here on Sunday mornings that can help you if you need help in locating books.  Also someone is usually in the library Tuesday thru Thursday mornings.  As always, we don’t need to be here for you to borrow a book or movie.  Just fill out the checkout card and leave it on my desk.  Library rules are posted on the door and above the printer if you need to see them.  They are in both English and Spanish. 

Have a great 4th of July.  Stay safe and pick up a book to sit and read under a shady tree on these long, hot summer days.

Until next time,