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April 2013


At last, after what seems like an incredibly long winter, Spring has finally come to Greeley.  My flower beds have all kinds of signs of life.  The hyacinths are beginning blossom out.  The bachelor buttons and hollyhocks are already coming up and the stems on the roses are beginning to turn green.  I checked the long range forecast and warmer days are on the way.  I can hardly wait to get some of my houseplants outdoors.  They need a good dose of sunlight and fresh air and so do I.  The dogs are even happy to stay outside a little longer each day. 


With the onset of Spring, my back has made huge strides in mending and my pain levels are way down.  Wonder of wonders, I was able to resume driving in just a few weeks after surgery and now I am able to be back in the library.  I am still limited in what I am allowed to do and will be for a long time yet but I’m back and that has been a big morale booster.  Thank you everyone who prayed for us while we were going through this ordeal. 


Speaking of being back in the library, the new computer is installed as is the new library software program.  Nancy Fiscus and I are busy learning how it all works.  To be sure it’s a challenge, but we are starting to get the hang of it and we are sure it’s going to make our work go a lot faster. Thank you to Greg Bunner for the donation of the new computer and the software.  Our library budget remains in good shape for purchasing supplies and other needed items.


Beginning the first week of May, we will begin accepting books for donation again.  I’m sorry we had such a long wait on that but it really couldn’t be helped but we should be able to take new books the first week of each month now without any major problems. 


We have had some new books donated to the library including a copy of The Daniel Plan Cookbook.  It will be on the featured books rack for the months of April and May before it moves to its regular homeon the shelves and will be available as of Monday afternoon.  This book will have a limit on how long it may be borrowed.  For the present time it will only be able to be borrowed for two weeks at a time. 


Upcoming:  This year the library will sponsor a bake sale and a plant sale as well as our annual book sale during the Summer Sizzlin’ Festival.  If you have plants you would like to donate or are willing to donate a baked goods item it will be greatly appreciated.  We will gladly accept the plants the week before the festival and the baked goods the day before so that we have time to price everything.  Also, if you are able to help us out with our sale tables we will need some help.  We are anticipating having several tables this year.


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Featured Books for April and May

Ideal’s Easter--  A collection of poetry and prose of Easter.

And the Angels Were Silent--  by Max Lucado.The story of the final week in the life of Jesus.  Note how heaven watched the events unfold and how Jesus faced what lay ahead.

Six Hours One Friday--  by Max Lucado.   Read of the final hours of Jesus, the maddening miracle as it unfolded and the event that caused the centurion to say, “Surely this is the son of God.”  Learn of the three anchor points given us because of Christ’s crucifixion on the cross.

Ideal’s Mother’s Day--  A collection of poetry, prose, crafts and recipes with love for Mom.

For Mother With Love--  by Grace Hudson.   A charming celebration of mothers and their love.Beautifully illustrated.

Amazing Grace for Mothers--  by Emily Cavins& Patti Armstrong.  101 stories of faith, hope,

Timeless Treasures--  by Emily Barnes.  The charm and romance of treasured memories.

straight from the heart.

The Daniel Plan-- by Rick Warren & Daniel Amen M.D.   40 days to a healthier life.  A guide to better health, nutrition and life.

The Daniel Plan Cookbook--  by Rick Warren & Daniel Amen M.D.   Filled with over 100 flavorful recipes this book offers an abundance of options to bring healthy and delectable eating into your life.

Better Homes and Gardens Make-Ahead Cookbook.Recipes to make now and serve later and how to store them.  Gets you out of the kitchen for all those Spring time activities that draw you out of the house without sacrificing dinner.

The Power of Integrity--  by John F. MacArthur.   How to live with Christian integrity in a world of absent morals and values, corruptness, unkept promises, exaggeration, false advertising and all the rest.

How to Build Patios and Decks--  by Richard day.  Thinking of adding a patio or deck to enlarge and enhance your outdoor living space?  Here’s how to do it.

Colorado Month-To-Month Gardening--  by Kelli Dolecek.  A month to month guide for designing, growing and maintaining your Colorado Garden.

Benjamin’s Box--   by Melody Carlson.  The story of a little boy who lived during the life of Christ and his curiosity to know who this Jesus that came to town really is.  Benjamin also has a box that contains his treasures.  So what did Benjamin put in his box concerning Jesus.  Read this book to your little ones and find out.