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Women’s Ministry at West Greeley Baptist Church


In September, 2011, a group of women met together and chose the name, Touching Hearts, for our ministry and we began planning special events.

It is our goal to touch the hearts of women in our community as well as those in our own church membership. It is our desire to help women in the following ways:


1.  To meet needs and give support to women at all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

2.  To make visitors and new members feel accepted and loved.

3.  To provide tools and opportunities to help them grow spiritually.

4.  To open the door to meaningful relationships.

5.  To encourage women to discover, develop, and use their spiritual   gifts.

6.  To minister to today’s woman and her daughters and granddaughters in all aspects, even with fun and laughing.

7.  To offer “woman – to – woman” understanding and lay counseling.

8.  To offer evangelistic meetings where each woman has the opportunity to invite non-churched neighbors and friends.

9.  To offer Bible studies where women will draw closer to Christ and know how to fight spiritual battles.

10. To have events where we share and encourage one another to learn new skills which equip us to be Proverbs 31, women who serve our families and reach out to others.


If you have questions or feel led to volunteer to help us plan future events, please contact any one of the following members of our committee:


Linda Poggenpohl  330-8585   Nancy Nettles 330-0786    Joye Ross


Donna Belinski          Louise Groffy          Susan Musil     Barbara Nettles      


Norma Feckner         Stella Templeton     Heidi Musil