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Steve Poggenpohl has been leading group Bible studies at the Weld County Jail on Sunday evenings in two pods, # 4 and Pod B since October, 2011. In April 2012, he was asked if he would like a Wednesday night group also, so he was also in Pod O. Lives are being transformed, as he sees many of the regular attendees growing spiritually. Perhaps the most exciting part, though, is seeing men want to invite Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives. As of August 15, 2013, 178 men have received Christ as their personal savior (John 1: 12), and have been born again (John 3:7), as a result of this teaching/preaching at the Weld County Jail. Every week that number grows! BUT, ALL THE GLORY GOES TO THE LORD!

Steve had to have back surgery this year and was not able to go to the jail for a few months.  The jail now has a hired chaplain who is in charge of scheduling volunteers, and as of this date, he is only allowing Steve to go one night a week, Mondays.  Like before, the group is growing and most weeks there are new guys who make commitments to Christ.


This is a class was taught by Steve Poggenpohl with Linda acting as an assistant, who occasionally throws in her comments. We are no longer meeting on Sunday mornings at West Greeley Baptist Church due to lack of interest.  However, we do often have a Saturday evening Bible Study in our home.  The primary purpose is to have a class is to invite the men and women who have served time in jail or probation, especially those who Steve and our future team have encouraged during their incarceration at the jail, to a class and support group after they are released.  Of course, their spouse or significant other is also invited, even before the ex-offender is released, if possible.  This is a great class for any who struggle with addictions as well.  We focus on God's Word to help us overcome our past failures as we celebrate new opportunities to advance to be the individuals God desires us to be “in Christ”. (Colossians 2:10)


It Starts with a Gift, but It's So Much More! Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship program that connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts.

In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent. Many churches make an annual commitment to this highly rewarding program, and recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our communities. Continue your Angel Tree ministry year-round and God will use your church to help these children and their families grow in their faith, strengthen their relationships with imprisoned parents, and fulfil the purposes that God has for their lives.

The two paragraphs above are copied from the website. Linda will be acting as our church coordinator and you will be learning a lot more about this wonderful ministry opportunity in the fall as we plan ahead for Christmas. To learn more about it now, go online:

In 2012, members of West Greeley Baptist Church sponsored 30 children.  We had an Angel tree party on December 15 where we distributed gifts to many of the children.  It was a great program with Me LaMar telling the story of Christmas with his magical illusions.  After cookies and treats , Santa came and helped distribute the gifts to all the children.  It was a wonderful successful party. Some were unable to attend, so we delivered their gifts to them.  We had several young moms thanking us with tears, who said, “Thank you; I was afraid my child would have nothing under the tree.”

In 2013, our church voted to do it again! We will be blessed again with getting to know new families and making children happy!  

MISSION SERVICE CORPS                                                                                                                                                     On February 15, 2012, Steve and Linda Poggenpohl were appointed as missionaries for prison ministry by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This allows them to receive financial support from any individuals or churches who would like to support them personally so they can keep devoting their primary attention to this ministry. THEY DESPERATELY NEED ASSISTANCE and will appreciate it so much.

Anyone who desires to support them can do so by writing a check to West Greeley Baptist Church (WGBC) and just designate that it is for PPM, which stands for Poggenpohl Prison Ministry.  Your gifts will be tax-deductible as a contribution. You can mail your checks to West Greeley Baptist Church, 3251 W. 22nd St., Greeley, CO 80634. If you prefer to send contributions to North American Mission Board (NAMB), you need to indicate our account number, 9893, on your check, and mail it to North American Mission Board, Attn: Accounting – MSC, PO Box 116543, Atlanta, GA 30368 – 6543. All funds mailed to NAMB will be directly deposited into their bank account every two weeks with no fees deducted. After you mail your first check to NAMB, you will get a receipt and details of how you can give online or set up a direct deposit for monthly support.

Who is Steve Poggenpohl?  Why is his prison ministry so effective?

·         He grew up in a non-Christian home and environment, so he identifies well with many of the prisoners.

·         He was an alcoholic by age 18, so he understands addictions, and the inmates identify with him, and hopefully long for the same victory in overcoming their addictions and problems that he freely shares with them.

·         He invited Jesus Christ into his heart at age 30 and gave his drinking, smoking cigars, and filthy language to the Lord, and he was instantly healed. He became a devoted student of the Bible. His photographic memory has allowed great Scripture memorization and recall to answer most any question that is asked with Scripture and he has the men at the jail turn to it in their own Bibles.

·         He challenges them to read their Bibles and bring their questions and another man to the next session.

·         He loves the Lord Jesus Christ, who completely changed his life and filled him with agapé love and a HUGE desire for others to have the same life changing experience.  He lets the inmates know that God loves them, Jesus died for them, and is willing to forgive them and give them a new start, no matter what they have done.

·         He is committed to teach what the Bible says, not church doctrine. He waits for them to ask what church he attends.  Many of the inmates are intrigued by that since most of the volunteers do exactly the opposite.

·         His passion is evangelism, teaching, preaching and writing about God's Word in a simple manner that all can understand and comprehend.

·         He is a licensed Southern Baptist preacher and has served as a pastor in the past. Both Steve and Linda have shared their testimonies in many evangelistic meetings.