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Library Column Notes


Here we go.  It’s November and right on cue cooler weather moved in with the need for  warmer clothing along with other changes.  The start of the holiday season is on hand and the library is revving right into gear to meet the season.


First off I’d like to mention that the plaque dedicating the library to Pastor Frank and Joye Ross will be mounted outside the library in time for our 50th year anniversary celebration November 16th.  Please make sure to take a look as you make your way to the dining room that day. 

Secondly, I would like to state again that if you are a family in need of a holiday food basket to be sure to let the pastor, Nancy Nettles or me know.  You can leave a note in the library if I’m not there or mark a communication card on Sunday morning and put it in the collection plate or give it to whoever is at the door at the end of services.I need to know the name of your family and how many people will be at your table.If you are donating food,place non-perishables in the decorated boxes.  There is one by the doorin  the foyer area of the sanctuary and one in the library.  If you would like to give cash or a check donation be sure to designate that it is for the holiday baskets.  You can place an envelope in the collection plate, give it to the pastor, Nancy Nettles or myself or drop it by the library.  We will use any monetary donations to buy eggnog, pies, other perishables or items we don’t get enough of.  Please remember this is a separate collection from our Hill and Park collection drive and is specifically for families in need within our church.  We will be collecting for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And nice to know, the turkeys have already been donated for Thanksgiving

Third I would like to make known to you that we have a new bookcase in the library that has our duplicate books on it.  These are books yours for the taking.  They are FREE 

and already deleted from our system.  You are welcome to take as many as you like.  There is a card taped to the top shelf stating that they are free so that you know you are at the correct shelving.  Please come by and take a look at your convenience. 

Also, should you be in need of a bible, come see me and I will help you choose a bible from our inventory and give it to you. Please do not attempt to take one yourself as we need to know it is going to be permanently gone from inventory and would need to delete it out of the system.

Once again we have books being borrowed from the library without being signed out.Please if you are borrowing a book be sure to sign the checkout card and leave it on the shelf next to the door.  We are currently missing a New American Commentary volume 1B on the book of Genesis.  If you have this book please sign the card and drop it off in the library.

Please no new book donations until the first week of January.

Lastly, the new list of books for the featured books of the month for November and December follows below.  The books will be on the rack in the foyer shortly.



Featured Book For November and December:


Just in time with help in the kitchen whether it be holiday baking, putting together the perfect buffet or brushing up on the art of hospitality.  We have books to help you out.

From Better Homes and Gardens:

Best Buffets has 110 wonderful recipes for entertaining buffet style.

Pies and Cakeshas 21 delicious recipes including how to turn out great pie shells that look almost too pretty to eat.

Homemade Cookies (yummm) has 219 cookie recipes—91 for bar cookies.  There are recipes for rolled, refrigerator and drop cookies, everything from the good ole sugar cookie recipe to snickerdoodles and more including the best way to store the individual type of cookies.  I can smell them in the oven already.

To make things a little less hectic preparing those holiday dinners, take a look at the Make Ahead Cook Book for recipes to prepare now and serve later complete with how to store them until you need them.

For those of you who would like to do some more healthful or calorie conscious baking, we have from the makers of Mott’s Applesauce, A Better Way to Bake Delicious Low Fat Recipes.  The Rocky Road Cake, a delicious looking chocolate log cake looks absolutely scrumptious as do many of the other treats featured in this cookbook.

Are you a bit anxious about holiday entertaining and hospitality?  Every woman dreams of the perfect evening with the perfect place settings and perfect food.  The Art of Hospitality by Yvonne G. Baker offers help decorating your home and table, entertaining a variety of people and creating different kinds of gatherings from buffets to tea parties.

Are you looking for some ideas to make Christmas special while trying to not add to the madness?  Try taking a look at 52 Simple Ways To Make Christmas Specialby Jan Dargatz.  Discover the warmth, love and merriment of Christmas traditions, new and old, with these 52 exciting, easy-to-use ideas for celebrating the season.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed between the planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking and decorating?  Need some quiet time to just relax and clear the cobwebs or slow the pace down a bit?  Try some easy reading.  Perhaps start with A Texas Thanksgiving by Margret Daley about a former soldier and widower who thinks a frozen turkey dinner is just fine for Thanksgiving , however, his 5yr old daughter knows better and takes dad down a different path.Also take a look at Savor This Moment by Karla Dornacher.  Full of uplifting, affirming little stories of love, faith, appreciation, this book slows you down and helps you realize the blessings in life and the blessing you, yourself, are and that God loves you.


Other books to check out on the rack:

Untold Riches, the first in the Chronicles of the Golden Frontier series, by Gilbert Norris and J. Landon Furguson is about young Jennifer DeSpain who quickly realizes marriage to a Union soldier, is nothing like the romantic novels she reads.  Eventually life and her husband’s problems and tragedy sets the path of her life and the changes in store for her.

Joshua The Homecoming by Joseph F. Girzone, tells the story of a quiet solitary man who returns to a town he lived in previously and the changes that have occurred since he left.  Folks no longer know him or the lessons about God he taught them.  When an immense earthquake strikes just before the new year and other “signs of the apocalypse” seem to abound, Joshua realizes his wisdom must reach beyond the small town in order to help people throughout the world.

The Josiah Files by Linda Hall proves to be a real page turner.  Christianity has been forced underground and outlawed by the World Order Church.  Enter Clave Hammill, a WOC director who, while exploring an old boarded-up church, uncovers a Bible and a Christian pastor’s journal written in 1995—Josiah Files.  They are a threat to the World Order Church and suddenly, Hammill, his family and other believers are in grave danger.  Human and demonic forces abound.

Read an old classic you can’t really watch on TV any longer.  The film is in such bad shape with so many parts cut out due to damage that the only hope is a remake.  We have a copy of the book, Lost Horizon by James Hammill.  If you have never seen the movie or read the book you should.  Lost Horizonis the story of the survivors of a plane crash in the Himalayas and their rescue and their discovery of a land of simple virtues, a quiet way of life without the hassle and strife of the world and of love and beauty.  Come visit Shangri-La.

Men, if you have longed to experience the strength, encouragement and growth that comes from God, 15 Minutes Alone with God for Men can help.  Explore the vast riches of Gods power, wisdom and grace through the devotional writings of Bob Barnes.  You will be inspired, challenged and more equipped to grow closer to God and more effectively love and lead those around you.

For the younger Set:

We have the Christy Miller Collection by Robin Jones Gunn.  Volume 1 contains three stories; Summer Promise, A Whisper and a Wish and Yours Forever.We also have volumes 2 and 3 and will feature them soon in a future list.

The Indian Mummy Mystery by Troy Nesbit

A Child’s Book of Angels by Marilyn J. Woody

Time and space forces us to stop here but look for an update of added books and items in December.