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March 2014


Where I come from March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb and that meant spring was right around the corner.  Here March has the reputation of being one of the snowiest months of winter.  We have had several warm days mixed in with the cold and snow this winter; what my grandmother used to call pneumonia weather. I normally love fall and winter but this year I am anxiously in anticipation of spring.   Lord knows there has been enough cold and illness this winter.

This year, along with everyone else, I am more than ready for warmth and sunshine, for the tiny crocus to start peaking up and for the daffodils and tulips to bloom.  Spring will be the renewal of all that has been dormant all winter.  It will be nature’s paintbrush adding a fresh coat of color to the landscape with the greening of the lawn and the budding of the leaves and the first signs of colorful flowers pushing through the earth.  Spring will bring both new and familiar melodies as birds return and court their mates and sing joyous songs to celebrate the warmth of the sun. 

I’m looking forward to spring as it will mark an end to a winter of pain in my back and legs. It will be a time of renewal for my body and spirit,and for me, it will also mean a return to work serving as your church librarian after a necessary but unwanted absence.  I may be here in and out in the meantime, but I will be quite limited in my abilities for a long while as I slowly add to what I am allowed to do.

Spring, or sometime shortly after, will also be a time of sprucing up the library with fresh paint, a new floor and a good thorough cleaning.  It will mean a new and more efficient computer and library program that should make everyone’s job a lot easier in the library. To put it in simple terms, this year, for once, I am truly in anticipation for spring both in my attitude, body and spirit and in renewed joy in serving as West Greeley’s librarian.  In the meantime, I pray March quickly goes out like the lion and comes in like the lamb.

The book list for this month stays the same, however, theremay be some new books added to the rack.  If you are looking for anything in particular our library ladies will be more than happy to assist you while I’m gone.