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Library Column Notes

October Library Newsletter

Fall is finally here.  Nights are getting longer and shortly they will get much cooler.  For me that means time for the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, hot cocoa or maybe a night with log softly burning in the fireplace.  By day it means raking leaves or maybe I’ll just let them stay for awhile making a colorful carpet out of my lawn.  Unfortunately, for me it still means lots of work going on in the library but, for me, those good books are worth it.

Since we had to add shelf space and had to removed books from the shelves to do so, we are currently updating all our biblical references, commentaries, bible studies and such in the computer.  It’s a long process so please excuse our mess if you come into the library.  We are working to get it done with the books back on the shelves as quickly as possible.

The library is still in need of large size metal bookends for our shelves.  If you have any you no longer need or should you find some available at a thrift store or garage sale please buy them and bring them to the library.  If no one is here leave us your name and how much you paid for them and I will see that you are reimbursed for purchasing them.

Thank you to whomever donated the office swivel chair to the library.  It’s very useful and a comfortable fit to the desk area. 

The Featured Booklist has been updated for the month of October.  It is posted on the library bulletin board and on the church website. There will be a completely new list for November and December.




Featured Booklist August - September



Real Family Values by Robert Lewis:  Are you a parent tired of being defined by politically correct elitists and being told everything you truly believe and feel is wrong?   It’s time to get your head out of the sand and get back to family values clearly defined for us in the Bible.  This is a must read for parents and Christians.

A Mother’s survival for School Day Survival by Kathy Peel & Judy Mahaffey: Are you one of those parents just dreading back to school?  Help is at hand.  There are more than 150 great ideas to help parents.  This manual has ideas to get the family “up and out,” play ideas for when homework is done,  entertainment for when inevitable illness strikes, helpful suggestions for employed moms whose children are home alone after school, activities for dads and the kids to do together, experiments for the science fair and lots more.

The Seduction of Our Children by Neil T. Anderson & Steve Russo:  Portecting kids from Satanism, New Age and the Occult.

Under Cover by John Bevere:  Under Cover exposes the tactics the enemy uses against believers, how to identify Satan’s traps, how to protect yourself, where to look and how to find cover and protection through God’s word and kingdom and much more.

Creative Teaching Methods by Marlene D. LeFever:   Be an effective Christian teacher.  This book is valuable for teachers and preachers.  It is loaded with practical and usable ideas that will make creative teaching a reality in your classroom.

New Friends, Good Friends? by Josh and Dottie McDowell:  A story to help your little one see that sometimes doing what makes the other kids like him can get him in serious trouble; complete with questions at the end of the story to help get a conversation going on friendship and peer pressure.

A Time to Belong by Vicki Grove:  A book for the preteen and older child concerning peer pressure.  What would you do?  A Time to Belong deals with making good decisions about friends and peer pressure with fifteen different endings to the situations presented.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff by Jack Canfield and others:  Stories of tough times and lessons learned concerning self-acceptance, family matters, drugs & alcohol, suicide, abuse, courage, growing up and more.

If I Should Die Before I Wake by Penny Fletcher:  For all those who suffer silently behind closed doors.  There is a way out for the abused wife. 



Survival for Busy Women: Establishing Efficient Home Management by Emilie Barnes.  Need help managing a career, home, children, time for church and community?  Here’s a book to help you evaluate and schedule your time  and priorities, create order, harmony and more.

All-Time Favorite Vegetable Recipes by Better Homes and Gardens:  The harvest is coming in.  Are you looking for new and interesting recipes for those vegetables.  We have recipes from artichokes to zucchini and how to combine them for interesting dishes.  There is even a handy chart on the back cover with cooking times for each vegetable.

Soups and Stews by Better Homes and Gardens:  Cold weather isn’t all that far away.

All Time Favorite Casseroles by Better Homes and Gardens:  Casseroles for two or two dozen; some are quick and easy, some are one dish, some are cost conscious and all are mouth- watering and let you out of the kitchen while it bakes.


Stories by O. Henry:  the classic writer of children’s stories includes tales of laughter and tears, lies and truth, selfishness and sacrifice, loyalty and betrayal.  O. Henry writes for young and old, rich and poor with settings in mansions and slums, cities and desolate frontiers.  There’s something for everyone.

The Gates of Zion and A Daughter ofZion by BodieThoene:  The first two of the Zion Chronicles portrays the intense struggle of the Jewish people in the aftermath of the Holocaust.  Both novels deal with the struggles of two young Jewish women and all they endured.  Enjoy these and come back for the other three books of the series.          

Mackenna’s Gold by Will Henry:  based on a search for the legend of the fabulous Lost Adams Diggings.  The Lost Adams Diggings has never been found nor proved.  Neither has it been disproved.   MacKenna’s Gold blends adventure and action with history and the legend.

Eye of the Storm by Jack Higgins:  Sean Dillon is a master terrorist and very elusive.  He’s evaded the authorities for years with cunning and skill and his plots are heating up but the odds stack up against him.  The clock is ticking and his nemesis is getting closer.