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Library Column Notes January



January 2015

Another month, another year and more challenges; I have no idea what that will translate to for the library but I am resolved that God will help me to overcome all the problems as they come up.  I had an example of that just this past month when we had to rebuild the programming in the computer.  It seems Microsoft office is not automatically a part of the package and you have to pay for it to get it.  Without it, I couldn’t keep track of library expenses nor type letters or reports.   This year I have a bigger budget than I expected so God provided for the need before I even knew I had a need.  Isn’t He marvelous?

I have been thinking about New Year resolutions, as well, and I came to the same conclusion that I need to worry less because God knows the issues and will resolve them one by one in His way and that in time, all will be well. So, then, other than to make no resolutions,  my resolution for this year is to be more encouraging and to worry less.  

Holiday Food Basket Update:  Not only did we provide five Thanksgiving dinner baskets but we provided baskets for seven families for Christmas and they were loaded with all kinds of dinner and desert goodies.   We had a wonderful response with food and funds so we were able to provide some benevolence help as well.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Holiday Food Basket.  You made the holidays so much merrier for some of our West Greeley Baptist families.  I am pleased that you voted to make this a permanent holiday ministry.

We still need help in the library so if you have one or two days a week that you can contribute roughly three hours at a time to help out please let me know.  My hours are fairly flexible so I can arrange my time to help accommodate your hours while you train. 

Be sure to come by the library and take a peek at the books in the small bookcase.  These are  books and items we are discontinuing and are free for the taking.  There are a variety of items and quite a few more will be added as we proceed this year so be sure to stop by frequently.

The new featured book list for January and February is under construction but is going to be late.  I will get it done as soon as possible and will feature those items until mid-March when we will update once again.  I’m sorry for the delay but right now it is unavoidable.

Have a great January.  Take a break and recuperate from all the holiday doings.  Enjoy the warm weather this weekend but stay warm, and safe, when the January winds and snow return.  Take the time to read a book while you nestle in your favorite chair with a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa.


Featured Books Of The Month:  Mid-January –March 2015


Trevor’s Place by Frank and Janet Ferrell: The story of the boy who brings hope to the homeless.Trevor’s Place tells the story of a twelve year old who couldn’t believe people lived on the street with no place to go, no place to call home.  This is the heartwarming story of one little boy and what he did to make a difference.

The Out-of Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Stock Kranowitz M.A:  This is a book with an accessible guide to examine the disorder with safe, appropriate and fun activities for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.

All the Women of the Bible by Edith Deen:A listing of all the women of the bible, who they were and what they did.  Also includes the nameless women of the bible and their roles.

Lay Shepherding by Rudolph E. Grantham:  A helpful guide for pastors and those who supervise shepherding groups.  The author offers help to the lay shepherd to meet the special needs of visitation to the sick, infirm, bereaved, those in need of Christian support and in meaningful prayer.

Living Free in Christby Neil T. Anderson:  The truth about who you are and how Christ can meet your deepest needs.

Soups and Stewsby Better Homes and Gardens:  Over 200 tasty recipes from appetizers to meal makers plus stocks, noodles, and dumplings from scratch.  Perfect for these cold wintery days when something hot is just what you need to feel warm and toasty again.

A Texas Sky by Lori Wick:  Texas Ranger, Dakota Rawlings is accustomed to big adventure but nothing seems to have prepared him for the task of escorting Miss Darvi Wingate.  Darvi seems to find trouble under every rock but this time she finds herself a pawn in one of the biggest rackets in town and wonders if even a Texas Ranger can get her out of this one.

Todays’s Best Nonfiction:  Selected and edited by Reader’s Digest, contains four books in one between it’s covers;  Circle of Fire is a real life account of a “hand that rocks the cradle” crime;  The Camera Never Lies is a fast paced and often nerve-racking look at TV journalism on location; Nuremberg recreates the drama, agony and truimp of one of the seminal events in modern history.  Finally, Autobiography of a Face describes the loneliness of pain, the confusion of childhood, the slow shock of her disfigured face and the unblinking gracious and joyful intelligence of Lucy Grealy .

For the younger set:

Rebekah in Danger is part of the Sisters in Time series and tells the story of a 10yr old girl in the Plymouth Colony of 1621.  Winter has arrived and is bitterly cold, many of the pilgrims are sick and food is in short supply and people are dying. 

Lucy Rose Working Myself to Pieces and Bits by Katie Kelly:  For girls who ready to graduate from the Junie B. stories.  Lucy is entirely engaging and highly entertaining.  Frank and funny, Lucy Rose is spunky and a character in an unforgettable story.

The Sword Bearer by John White: Johnny is 13 and it’s his birthday.  His grandmother promised to tell him the mystery of his locket and his parents but before it could be, Johnny is magically transported to the land of Anthropos where he is hailed as the Sword Bearer, the slyer of the Goblin Prince.

Captain Courageous by Rudyard Kipling:  The son of a millionaire, bored and lonely is bragging and boasting when suddenly he is swept overboard.  He is rescued by a small fishing boat but his money is useless and idleness is unheard of.  Now he must work at a dangerous trade to earn his keep.  He learns that money cannot buy everything and a man’s worth lies in who he is, not what he owns.

For the Little Readers:

Who is My Neighbor?

Together With Daddy

A Picture Dictionary of the Bible


Two-Bits & Pepper

Happily Never After