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Youth Group

John and Heidi Musil


My wife Heidi and I have been the youth leaders at the church for the past 7 years.  It has been our passion to see teenagers own their faith for themselves.  
Our focus and goal is centered on our youth group’s mission’s statement which is: Mobilizing Teenagers to Maximize their Missionary Movement.  Our Goal is to see teenagers take THE Cause of Christ on to their school campuses.   Our focus includes evangelism training and then practical ways to apply the training.  We desire our teens to NOT be just hearers of the word, but doer’s of God’s word as well!

We desire the teenagers at West Greeley Baptist Church to know the Theology of Christ, to have the Characteristics of Christ, and most importantly take THE Cause of Christ to their campuses!

The youth group is called “The Garage.”   We want students “parked” in the Word of God.  Our activities are intentionally focused on the five church purposes of Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Ministry, and Worship.  On every Wednesday we meet at 6:3pm for worship and Bible study.  We have fun while studying the Bible.  Many times we use video clips and music to culturally relate to the students where they are at.  We talk about issues that relate to them such as dating, peer pressure, and media influences.  We then relate all of these topics to God’s word and we help student’s understand that God’s Word is relevant today and can assist them in life!  

On Sunday Nights we focus our attention to Ministry and Discipleship.  We answer students’ questions and really dig into God’s Word!  
We do Pit Stops on the Last Saturday of the Month.  
Pit STOP stands for “snaking together on purpose”.  On the last Saturday of the month students invite their unsaved friends to come and we go to a host home for Food, fun, and fellowship.  We typically play icebreakers to get to know everyone and build unity among the teens!

Our February Pit STOP was amazing!  We had one student join use who was an agnostic.  As we ate Lasagna and cheesecake together and played games we were able to really get to know everyone in the group.  At the end of the evening the agnostic told us as a group Thank you for the great time he had.  He also said that this youth group was nothing like he had imagined.  He mentioned that he was surprised that we were not like typical organized religion.  I responded with…”we are not about religion… we are about relationships.”  He told us that he is looking forward to coming back!!

Through out the year teens can participate in: Lock-ins, community service projects, Laser tag, Ice Skating, photo scavenger hunts, The Turkey Bowl, Corn Maze, Movies, activities with other church youth groups, and missions trips to the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Last year at the Navajo Indian we put on a week long Vacation Bible School.  The mission’s trip is centered in the middle of no where and requires teens to set up their own tents and even dig their own bathrooms.  The students prepare Bible lessons that they share with the kids that come to the Vacation Bible School.  Last year the students were able to lead 16 of the Navajo students to Christ!     
Students in 6th through 12th grade are welcomed to join us for youth group and other events.