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Dr. Frank Ross

Thank you for your interest in West Greeley Baptist Church where relationships are key.  It is our prayer that through our messages, music and ministries your relationship with the Lord and your relationships with His people will deepen and broaden (Ephesians 3:14-19).  That is why many people, just like you, have come to call West Greeley “home.”

Whether you are just starting your search for God, or you want to deepen your knowledge of Him, you will find a friendly opportunity at West Greeley Baptist.

Frank W. Ross

Senior Pastor


Gerry McFarling - Music Minister


I count it a privilege to minister using the gifts God has blessed me with in leading Worship through the music program at our Church. Together with a very talented group of musicians we strive to Glorify God through music.

 Music gives us the ability to expand our expression of Worship to God beyond mere spoken words. All through scripture we see Gods’ people singing their praises to Him and we follow their example. If I asked you to think about your favorite song, I imagine you could tell me the words. Music allows us to internalize the Gods’ Word and bring it into all facets of our lives.

 Come Worship with us and “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”.

Gerry McFarling


Nancy Nettles - Administrative Assistant

I have been a member of West Greeley Baptist since 1992. I have been working in the church office since May 2000.  I consider myself the Chief Information Officer, Ministerial Support and sometimes the Comic Relief.  I graduated from CSU in 1983 with a degree in technical journalism. I see how God has led me to this position; in high school my aptitude tests placed me high in business and administration (in spite of my lofty scientific ambitions). In college I produced the newsletter and worked in the office of the campus ministry I belonged to, and I was often teased about becoming a church secretary! God definitely had his plans for me to be here! I’ve been married to David Nettles since 1985; we have 2 daughters, Barbara and Debbie, both wonderful young women with a heart for Jesus and serving others.  Besides working in the office I have served on many different committees, taught several different age groups, coordinated Vacation Bible School and worked with the women’s ministry of West Greeley.



 John and Heidi Musil - Youth

My wife Heidi and I have been the youth leaders at the church for the past 7 years. It has been our passion to see teenagers own their faith for themselves.

We desire the teenagers at West Greeley Baptist Church to know the Theology of Christ, to have the Characteristics of Christ, and most importantly take The Cause of Christ to their campuses!